The Ellison Hotel

Oklahoma City, OK

The Ellison brand seeks to explore the character, creativity, and curiosity that are uniquely Oklahoman. The brand inspires the guest to define their own narrative, encouraging exploration of the diverse experiences available throughout the hotel and city at large. Cooper House helped bring that narrative to life through a welcoming and layered branding approach.





Print Collateral


Wayfinding & Signage

Web Design

Web Development

Content Strategy


Dan Ham Rachel Maucieri





Erin Cooper
Dane Strom
Alaina Hunt
Steph Shilling
Blake Behrens
Elizabeth Maxwell
Loren Cookson
Jordan Hayes
Hallie Waugh
Kori Hall
Garett Mayfield

In the interest of aligning the space with the creative community Ralph Ellison inspired, local artist Alaina Hunt designed and installed a custom, floor-to-ceiling mural in the lobby. The Reader is made entirely of books and has already garnered attention and praise in the community.

Read more about the process and artist here

In-room and print collateral applications were central to brand implementation—and guest experience. Our work included a custom-drawn quiz and map to help guests explore the city, as well as an in-room compendium that lists unique offerings and local activities of note.

“The hotel displays and celebrates artistry in our architecture, atmosphere and visual arts.”

Ryan Slater, Managing Partner

Their custom vanity website centers around a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile. Ever-present calls to action and animated elements anchor the design and align the site with the brand. 

Throughout the brand strategy, development, and implementation, Ellison and Cooper House worked closely with the Ralph Ellison Foundation and Michael Owens to establish a brand that honors Ralph Ellison’s legacy and champions his voice.