Ellison Rooftop Pool & Bar

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Designed to complement the Ellison Hotel primary brand and Milo restaurant brand, the Ellison Rooftop gives the brand a chance to breathe, to relax, to take off the tux and throw on a smoking jacket. We opted for visual elements that feel laid-back by leaning into an expanded palette and organic patterns, while the brand’s voice draws from increased wit and relaxed speech.




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Erin Cooper

Loren Cookson

Steph Shilling

Alaina Hunt

Jordan Hayes

Garett Mayfield

At the Ellison Rooftop Pool & Bar, the world slows its pace. It's a place to kick back, gather with friends, and soak in mile-wide views of Oklahoma City's skyline with a drink in hand.

By extending the hand-lettered style of our primary logo, we present a signature-style script mark for use on the rooftop. We embraced musical inspiration as a nod to the diverse creatives from Oklahoma—and Ralph Ellison in particular, as he was a fixture in the Deep Deuce Jazz scene.

Inspired by illustrative album covers and palettes from that era, we created several patterns to be applied in a myriad of applications for our rooftop pool, bar, and entertainment programming.