Perle Mesta

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hidden at the heart of it all, Perle Mesta is the latest fine dining concept by James Beard award-winning Chef Andrew Black. Located on the first floor of the Skirvin, Perle Mesta gets its name from the convivial daughter of W.B. Skirvin and original “Hostess with the Mostess.” 




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At the forefront of the visual identity is the monogram, a hand-drawn mark intended to imbue the brand with a luxurious yet intimate quality—as if Perle or Chef were issuing a personal invitation.

The color palette was inspired by the colors of rare ingredients like uni, urchin, and caviar, while the supporting elements elicit a jewel shape, a nod to Perle’s famed collection. 

At every turn, we worked to align the restaurant brand with the aesthetic and tone of the refreshed Skirvin Hotel brand, with the goal that the two could work harmoniously yet remain distinct. 

The art and interiors in Perle Mesta had to be exquisite, as Chef and Perle share a love of the finer things. We worked closely with the interior design team at Robinson Park to realize our collective vision for the space. 

As part of a unique offering, the Cooper House team conceptualized the space’s art and created the mosaic in the private dining room. Composed of intricate marble and mirror tiles, Les Belles Choses takes the shape of a crown to represent Skirvin as the first luxury hotel in Oklahoma.

Erin Cooper designed the concept, and Alaina Hunt and Tim Cooper sourced, produced, and fabricated the piece.

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