Horizons District

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just south of downtown Oklahoma City, where the celebrated First Americans Museum stands, is a stretch of land where a new, world-renowned district will soon take shape. This district will house the OKANA resort, shopping outlets, family activities, and more—and will be one of the only First Americans-focused districts in the world.










Erin Cooper

Joshua Clark

Hallie Waugh

Fio Zoll

Dane Strom

Stakeholders from the Chickasaw Nation approached Cooper House with a complex goal: naming and positioning this district to pay homage to its heritage while remains accessible to all. Horizons District connotes learning and growth, while also signaling the significance of the sun’s path in First American cultures.

Visually, we selected a pairing of color palettes drawn from natural elements within the Oklahoma sky and landscape, and refined a series of gradients to mark sunrise, midday, and sunset.

We also developed a radiating tiered sunburst mark, whose lines are mimicked in the word mark and throughout marketing and wayfinding materials.

Messaging played a key role in shaping each brand application, as it was essential for the brand to be flexible enough to reach a vast audience with diverse interests.