Ludivine Group currently owns The R & J Lounge and Supper Club and their flagship restaurant, Ludivine. As they extend to Edmond in preparation for opening two new restaurants, Ludivine Group has continued to be a force in the Oklahoma Metro dining scene.

Launch R&J Launch Ludivine

Ludivine is the first restaurant website CooperHouse built. While Ludivine had a beautifully made website already, it was very clean and white and bright, which didn’t communicate the ambiance of the restaurant very well. We wanted people to be able to come to the site and really get a sense of what it’s like to dine at Ludivine. So we updated the site with big, beautiful images, and the overall look and feel is a little moodier, a little darker, and really shows off some of the architectural features of the restaurant. We also wanted to showcase the family-style meals and mimic some of the print pieces from the restaurant that weren’t being reflected in the existing website. Since that time, we’ve continued to have an ongoing relationship with Ludivine for design and development work.

After working with Jonathan & Russ on Ludivine, we were invited to craft a cohesive brand and web experience. Russ and Jonathan did their homework on the food, in addition to referencing their collection of vintage menus—Jonathan went to the New York Library to research menus from the time period. We designed beautiful, embossed menus with gold tassels. We incorporated layout ideas and elements from vintage menus, and contracted with local artist Jack Fowler for custom illustrations. Much of the design was tied to the interior of the space, which is vintage all the way down to the velvet wallpaper. We art directed images featuring models in vintage clothing, jewelry and cocktails, which became the centerpiece of the front page. We believe branding and design create an authentic experience from Google search to dessert.

Images provided by Quit Nguyen