CooperHouse is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Oklahoma City. We specialize in branding, identity, and web design.




Since 2006, Tim & Erin Cooper have worked together crafting bespoke websites for creatives in varying industries. As a team, they’ve always brought a balanced perspective on technology and aesthetics to all their projects. In 2011, they launched their joint venture, CooperHouse, with the intention of working directly with creative clients to provide branding and websites with a more holistic approach.

Combining a long-history of web design experience and a passion for working with creatives and small businesses, CooperHouse has built a reputation for providing a transformative branding experience for creatives. They take pride in building long-standing relationships with their clients and guiding them as their brands and businesses evolve.  CooperHouse’s expertise is focused on the branding process and creating a full package web experience that communicates your message with clarity and intention.




A designer, painter, wife and mother living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Erin Cooper is head executive of making things beautiful. She provides creative direction and management, taking each project from conception to creation. Erin focuses on full service marketing. She has over 12 years experience in print and art direction for various forms of marketing. She combines this knowledge with web design to provide a full package deal for your business. You can follow her other creative endeavors at



A developer, sculptor, musician, husband and father living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tim Cooper is chief officer of making things work at CooperHouse. Tim has over 13 years experience working in web and multimedia and has built over 250 websites from the ground up. Tim builds rich internet applications to suit any client’s needs. If you want to get geeky about it, Tim works with XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. If you’re not into alphabet soup, just know that Tim can build just about anything you’ve seen.

Meet The Team



Steph Shilling

Assistant Designer

Steph is the latest addition to the Cooperhouse team. She’s come on board to be our girl Friday in the design department. She handles everything from branding & print to web & app design. She collaborates on every project that comes in our doors, and helps keep our timeline on track. Steph recently moved back to Oklahoma City after working as a designer on both coasts. She doesn’t drink coffee, but does love chocolate, so we’ve decided she can stay. She loves her adorable pup Lenny & eating brunch with her cute husband.


G. Wink

Production Designer

Wink refers to herself as a print production ninja: her work is invisible. For CooperHouse, she applies her 17 years of print experience to create well-behaved, press-compliant files. Sentimental for design older than she is, she collects vintage clothing, old sewing patterns, and dubious cookbooks. To avoid being invited to appear on “Hoarders,” she sells some of the same through, where you can also find a link to Shoes & Pie, for which she writes about food, fashion, and foibles.


Chris Nguyen



Chris Nguyen, known professionally as “Quit”, is our official CooperHouse photographer. His versatility and prenatural talent make him a great fit for our projects. He’s super involved in the local community and can often be found at local events capturing moments as they happen. Chris is rarely serious, except when you find him in the studio crafting the perfect image. In his spare time he’s an illustrator, designer, and food truck critic.


Dane Strom

Assistant Developer


Dane is our go-to developer for website production. He and Tim collaborate on most of CooperHouse projects and have a Skype window open pretty much daily. He’s one of Tim & Erin’s oldest friends and frequent collaborators. He spends his time largely freelancing and living in a tiny village in the mountains of Mexico, but occasionally takes a break from paradise to visit Oklahoma. In his spare time, he’s a brilliant photographer of nature and the indigenous people of his village.