Erin Cooper

Erin is the Creative Director at CooperHouse. Educated in graphic design while serving in the Air Force from 1998 – 2006, Erin has over 20 years of experience in print design, branding, art direction, and web design. She also helps run Halcyon Works, a coworking space she co-founded with her business partner/husband of 14 years, Tim Cooper. In her spare time she hangs out with her two little-redheaded daughters, enjoys practicing fine art and obsessing about interior design.

Tim Cooper

Tim is the Development Director at CooperHouse. He is also the founder of House Calls, a division of CooperHouse that specializes in long-term website care. Tim has over 18 years experience working in web and multimedia and has built over 275 websites from the ground up.  In his free time, he teaches his daughters how to do super jumps on the trampoline, and creates stone sculptures (and giant clouds of dust) in his backyard studio.

Stephanie Shilling

Steph joined our team in 2012 as our graphic designer and remains one of our most important team members. She’s a talented and versatile designer that assists us with everything from branding, print work, to web design. She collaborates on every project that comes through our doors and helps keep us on track. Steph is an Oklahoma native with experience working as a designer on both coasts. She loves traveling with her husband Chris, and chasing her sweet French bulldog, Lenny.

Dane Strom

Dane is our lead developer for website production. He’s one of Tim & Erin’s oldest friends and frequent collaborators. He spends his time largely freelancing and living in a tiny village in the mountains of Mexico, but occasionally takes a break from paradise to visit Oklahoma. In his spare time, he’s a brilliant photographer of culture and the people of his village. You can find his photos on his website.

Alaina Hunt

Alaina is our creative studio manager. In addition to keeping the entire team on track and managing our schedule, she helps the design team with preparing content, presentations, and a variety of creative tasks suited to her wide array of talents. She also helps us manage our coworking space, Halcyon Works, and cares for our members and their needs. Alaina is from Tulsa, Oklahoma but has lived and worked in OKC since graduating from University of Oklahoma in 2012. Alaina is also a brilliant artist and photographer in her spare time, as well as an accomplished floral designer.

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