Spencer Stone Company

Spencer Stone Company is a high-end men’s clothing store that specializes in fine suits and fashion-forward pieces. Spencer has been the “guy” on call for almost every well-dressed man you’ve seen in Oklahoma City. He’s outfitted everyone from your cousin Ted to NBA players, CEO’s and guys who want to be CEO’s, and really just anyone who wants reassurance that what they’re wearing fits perfectly, looks sharp, and is perfectly suited for whatever occasion they need. The quality of the service and clothing is pretty unparalleled, and we knew that when we tackled revamping his online presence, everything we created would need to communicate all that information in an instant. We know guys don’t typically like to shop, and perhaps that’s why Spencer is so right for his job. We worked with Spencer to photograph the shop and help communicate his particular brand of service. He’s definitely the only person we’ve ever worked for who said to just to put his cell phone number in the footer so guys can text him if they need something. We think he knows his audience pretty well, and we’re betting his phone never stops.


Graphic Design, Web Development

Team Members
Charlie Neuenschwander
Sunshine Gadbury

403 nw 30th st. okc, ok 73118