Jed Johnson

Jed Johnson Home has been creating beautiful and luxurious textiles for many years as part of their interior design work, but when the company transitioned to becoming a full-fledged textile design company, it was time to refresh the entire brand and build a new web presence that would enhance the shopping experience for designers and textile enthusiasts. The long and storied history of the company is well known to the design world. The connection to the founder Jed Johnson and how his relationship with Andy Warhol and their work at The Factory was the foundation of the business is still a very interesting detail of a much larger story of the company. We wanted to share their products in a fresh way, and highlight the new designs through an engaging online catalog full of big beautiful images showcasing the Jed Johnson Home textiles in use. Throughout the entire project, our goal was to pay respect to the established brand, while positioning the company for the future of their business.


Brand, Brand Development, Graphic Design, Packaging, Web Development

403 nw 30th st. okc, ok 73118