A Good Egg Dining Group

A Good Egg Dining Group creates unique tastes and memorable dining with every one of their many Oklahoma City restaurants.

We joined Good Egg three years ago as their web team and began the process for rebuilding their websites from the ground up. Starting with their oldest and most beloved restaurant Cheever’s Cafe, we designed a custom theme tailored to the Good Egg experience, and began building sites for the other restaurants in their dining group.

Our experience with Good Egg has been a very positive one, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating with their creative teams to ensure their brand standards are implemented in every aspect of their online presence. We continue to work for them and are in the process of launching the remaining sites in 2018.

Photo Credit: Choate House / Brand: Braid Creative

Interactive Design, Web Development

Team Members
Braid Creative
Choate House

403 nw 30th st. okc, ok 73118