Lush Blow Dry Bar is a local Oklahoma City blow-dry bar located in the heart of Nichols Hills. Lush Blow Dry Bar hired us to help them create a cohesive look for their brand launch so they could create recognition with their potential customers before the build out of their salon was even completed. We created their brand and immediately set up social media accounts to help build the buzz about their grand opening.
The brand identity was created in collaboration with Wednesday Inc., a local letterpress studio that specializes in hand lettering. The result was a truly bespoke look that reflects their fun aesthetic and their close-knit relationships with their clients. CooperHouse created a complete brand for Lush, from business identity, to printed menus, and a robust single page website with integrated online scheduling.








Launch Project

Branding & Design: Erin Cooper | Website: Tim Cooper | Hand Lettering: Garett Mayfield | Menu Photo: Rachel Shingleton | Design Team: Stephanie Shilling