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The idea for CooperHouse to host a workshop has been floating around in our collective minds ever since we started working together.  We got into this particular niche of working with creative people because we really LOVE being in the mix with all these ideas and creative energy.  The biggest motivation for making this happen was our desire to work with our local community. We have something to offer and we’d like to share it with a broader audience. So, after Engage OKC approached us about being speakers at their last Round Table discussion, we decided to pursue the education aspect even further.

Tim & I are excited to announce, after much planning & organizing, we are launching our first CooperHouse workshop right here in OKC. (With potentially a West Coast & East Coast class in the works!) These workshops will be a way for us to finally get to spend some quality time with our audience and help them accomplish goals for their businesses.We’ve teamed up with our friends at Engage OKC to put together a course that teaches all the important things you need to know about building a site in WordPress and the benefits of choosing this framework.

If you are an artist, designer, entrepreneur, blogger, or maker (of anything!) you will get so much out of this class. We promise to break this whole “website” thing down into easy to grasp concepts and present clear steps to get you started using WordPress to build your online presence. We will also work to demystify all the “webspeak” surrounding our industry. We’ll provide hands on training and a chance for everyone to try out the WordPress platform, plugins, widgets and posts. You don’t need any previous WordPress experience to attend this class.We will be starting at the beginning, a very good place to start!

Our goals for this workshop are to create a friendly and relaxed setting where we can tailor our class to our attendees. We will have plenty of time to answer questions and demonstrate all the concepts we’ll be teaching. We expect to have an amazing time meeting all of you, as well as having an energetic chat with our creative community here in OKC. We will give each attendee the benefit of our experience and love for web design with WordPress. When you leave our class, you will have an understanding of web design and what it can do for our business, and you will have everything you need to start building your online presence from the ground up.

Read all the details & purchase tickets at CooperHouse. Also, share this info with any creatives you know. We hope to see lots of you in attendance!

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